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Spring Archery season
Attention all students 3-8th grade:
There will be Archery Camp starting the week school ends! If you have always wanted to try archery but could not commit, NOW's your chance!
The Archery Camp this year will be 2 days long, 8:30-12:00. Fundamentals and experienced techniques will be practiced
Please turn in your permission form or see Mrs. Houston as soon as possible!
State bound Regional winners!
Congratulations to Dalton Hamilton, 1st place elementary male archer, and Matthew Akers, 2nd place elementary male archer, in Region 13! Both young men will advance to the State Tournament in Louisville, KY, March 11-12! Way to go Mustang Archers! laugh
Archery stories needed
Pplease see the message below from the National NASP office.....

We are about to launch a major marketing effort with a private firm to get the word out about the benefits of NASP®. Even with 12,219 schools involving 2.15 million students in NASP this past year, there are many other schools and their students who aren't yet aware of NASP®. With your help we can change that. The greatest benefits of NASP® are to the young people who participate in the program and in some instances their family as well.

The firm has asked us to collect anecdotes describing noteworthy impacts on those involved in NASP. Examples of such noteworthy impacts would be how a young person has become more engaged in their education, socially, family, and maybe even the outdoors. We have heard many such descriptions of positive impact over the years but we'd like to compile a more thorough bank of these impacts and update our supply.

We would love to hear from you. Is there a cool, heart-warming, or inspirational story you can share with us about NASP®?

Please respond to Our next meeting with the Public Relations firm is August 15th so we are hopeful to have many stories to share.

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East KY Archery web page
Home of the 3-D range at Jenny Wiley State Park.
NASP website
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